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Astrid Shishkin Hill   Artist /Metalsmith/Jeweler
A Native San Franciscan, I moved to Petaluma with my husband in 1990, Where I turned my passion for making jewelry into a full-time profession. As a metalsmith I am constantly exploring and enhancing my techniques, to increase my understanding of the elements that I use to create my jewelry. I find that including the raw tones of uncut and or unpolished stones within my designs gives a organic and largely unexplored dimension to my work. I no longer try to suppress the playful side of my nature, because I find that my customers enjoy the results. My roller rings, which use various semiprecious stones riveted onto a forged ring shank with a 14kt gold pin, have a lot of movement in the design and a nice feel when they roll onto your finger. I also make original earrings in various contemporary designs that have a distinctively modern look but are light and airy on the ear.
                                            Contact : Click on Name Above , or Phone 707-762-6074, Petaluma, Ca

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